Heli Skiing  

Experience the heli skiing in Ladakh himalaya Zangskar

Heli skiers can have an excellent adventure in Ladakh himalaya . You can choose your terrain according to its difficulty level. In order to do that, view the breathtaking skiing site from the helicopter before dropping down. When you drop down at about 17,000 feet above sea level, the experience of skiing is exhilarating. Ladakh himalaya zangskar is known for its glaciers and snow covered peaks of the Zanskar ranges and Tsomoriri Ranges. During winter season, the heavy snow cover makes for an ideal location for skiing. the great heights of Zangskar pantsela or Tsomoriri Tsokar ranges of these majestic mountain ranges are best for heli skiing in winter. This adventure sport is a much sought after winter activity in Ladakh himalaya Zangskar. Information about heli skiing in Ladakh himalaya Zangskar is available only with Indus Himalayan Explorers. If you have ever dreamed of heli sking in the Ladakh Zangskar well you can fulfills all your dreams with Indus Himalayan explorers. This sport challenges the resk-taking explorer in you,as you have to ski down through unknown routes and ridges.To fully enjoy heli-sking you should be in a very good physical shape,the better you will be able to take the sking challenges trip.