We at Indus himalayan explorers offer services for river rafting in ladakh we also offer various white water adventure tours down the Indus and Zangskar Rivers ensuring safety while having fun. Each tour is distinct in both their landscape and type of adventure. We provide services for those interested in a calm run in our Serene Indus Belt Tour. Or the journey of our Grade I Canyon Ride from Phey to Nimoo takes our rafters gradually down the narrow parts of the Indus River. The Grade II tour, affectionately titled Moving up the Ranks from Scorpochey to Nimoo is an experience for those moving up the adventurer ranks of white water rafting. The Grade III rafting tour from Chilling to Nimoo is a the most challenging day trip. We also provide services for Grade IV, from Padum to Nimoo in four days expedition, this is one of the top three expeditions in world. After the trip youcan have a full relaxation and home cooked meal with vegetables picked fresh from garden an organic vegetable.




The foothills of the Himalayas offer spectacular views for the energetic outdoors person. Trekking in Ladakh areas offers a unique opportunities of comradely, and sense of accomplishment while getting close to these majestic mountains and seeing why they look they way they do, observing the different colours, textures and rock formations. Our routes suit every person, from the beginner trekker to the seasoned mountaineer, from treks of durations of one to twenty-five days. Unique to the trekking industry in Ladakh, only our company offers trekking and expeditions throughout the whole year. We use highly trained staff and accommodation can be arranged either for camping or overnight stays in Ladakhy homes enroot. All the proposal trekking itinerary would have after the corresponds.




Whether you like to relax while you venture via terrain vehicles or take on the challenge of cycling up and down this region of the Himalayas, we guide you through journeys starting from Tsomoriri Lake, Pangong Tso, Dha-Huna, Spiti Valley, Manali and to over the highest motor vehicle pass in the world to Nubra Valley. Arrangements can also be made for taxis to other popular destinations in northern India.

Winter Expeditions

Sing-Gay-La Expedition-From Lamayouru to Lingshyat, about a six day trek all on foot with the help of four or five trained Yaks to both make the path and carry equipment and supplies. Beginning at an altitude of 3000 metres, we mountaineer up and down various heights, with the highest pass of 5000 metres. Accommodations are naturally cold, however, they are comfortable in community homes including Ladakhy home cooked meals. Weather depending, treks take place between early December to the end of February.

Chadar Expedition -We have done the Fist chadar trek expedition was 1982 First time in Ladakh with western people and NHK Japan.
Trekking along the frozen Zangskar River to the capital of the Kingdom of Zangskar, Padum is our toughest and most adventuress tour due to the unpredictable conditions in nature. Only a handful of foreigners have accomplished the route, as participants need to be physically and mentally prepared to handle the cold nights and the inevitable challenges that will come up. Temperatures can fall to -35 degrees Celsius at night and be but as warm as -3 during the day to make for comfortable trekking. Weather depending, expeditions take place between December and February.

Please be advised that persons of certain health problems may not be able to participate in our expeditions. For further details, about physical requirements, please contact us:- INDUS HIMALAYAN EXPLORERS.


Rajasthan Tour

Travel to Rajasthan, the land of kings, endowed with magnificent havelis, beautiful palaces, invincible forts and rich cultural heritage. rajasthan is an exciting travel destination and tourism opportunities in rajasthan are endless. Tour of rajasthan offers exotic regal experience through its variegated activities like camel safari on the sand dunes of Thar desert, wildlife adventures, forts and palaces, temples, colourful fairs and festivals.


Buddhist Sector

Starting from Delhi Varanasi by Air same day visiting Ganga ghat and tulsi Mandir overnight hotel with meals next day after the breakfast drive to Sarnath visiting Japanese Temple, Mahabodhi Chinese temple and Tibetan monastery budha tree five sperituel monks and small zoo, hot lunch at sarnath into the garden restaurant,afternoon city tour.
Again next day morning after the breakfast drive to Bodha-Gaya 6 to 7 hrs by jeep or coch.same day visiting Monastery meditation offering lamp.


Skiing enthusiasts find excitement for the sport in the Ladakh and Zanskar regions from mid January to end February when we co-ordinate a helicopter to get to the top of various mountains.if any intrest person please contact in an advance.lots of permission for Heli Skiing in Ladakh