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The Famous Mounuments of Ladakh

  • 1982-First Chadar Expedition with French Photographer Mr. J.b Rabouan as a guide
  • 1992-After 10 years expereince the company Indus Himalyan Explorer registered under the act of J&K Tourism.
  • 1993- We introduced rafting in Ladakh.
  • 1995-Second Chadar Expedition with Japan NHK TV channel with team of 60 people.
  • 1996-The first Paragliding in Ladakh during the festival time introduced by Indus Himalyan Explorers.
  • 1997-First Warela winter trek with yak
  • 2000-First winter Markha Trek during the month of March
  • 2002-Unnamed Peak Expedition with French Company above 6400 mts.
  • 2005 -Stok kangre expedition in the month of febuary.
  • 2007-Zangskar and Lama youru TV project with french company.
  • 2008-Mantok kangre expedetion above 6500 metres.
  • 2010- First time Zangskar rafting expedition with 8 year old boy.
  • 2011-2012 our special project is Heli Skeing in Zangskar region, trek form Lamayouru to Lingshayat during winter with yak and back to Chelling by Chadar along the frozen Zangskar river.
  • 2013 – Our exclusive project is Nun-Kun Expedition.
  • Our Future project is Sasarkangri- Expedition